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The Energy Observatory is a structure of the Directorate of Observation, Cooperation and Communication, which ensures the collection of detailed and complete energy statistics, enabling it, in particular, to monitor rigorously the evolution of the energy sector and provide decision-makers with reliable statistical information necessary for any political decision on energy.

It ensures in particular:

  • the collection and centralization of energy statistics;
  • the alignment of these statistics with international standards;
  • the establishment of a information system for the collection and dissemination of these statistics;
  • the establishment of a system of energy indicators to monitor the implementation of energy policy, particularly with regard to energy efficiency and sustainable development;
  • The setting up of a energy strategy vigil system;
  • the consolidation of the statistical system by carrying out sectoral surveys on energy consumption;
  • the preparation of energy prospective studies;
  • the preparation of socio-economic and environmental impact studies of measures taken under the energy strategy;
  • the publication of various statistics and reports;
  • the development of cooperation and synergy with national partners in energy statistics;
  • the development of regional and international cooperation in the exchange of statistical information;
  • the promotion of information by setting up a portal to communicate the various statistics and reports;
  • the participation of the Department of Energy and Mines in all national and international works related to energy statistics and prospective studies: inventory of GHG emissions, NDC, …