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Studies and Prospective

Completed actions

  1. Prospective :
  • Prospective analysis of energy demand by 2030 using the MEDEESUD model;
  • Analysis of energy demand by 2050 using the MEDPRO model of ENERDATA;
  • Balancing energy supply and demand by 2050 using the LEAP model of SEI.
  1. Observation and Statistics:
  • Development of a information system to facilitate the data collection from the energy sector operators  (currently being finalized);
  • Calculation of GHG emissions for the energy module according to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines (inventories of 2010-2014):

This work was carried out as part of the implementation of the National GHG Emissions Inventory System (NGHGIS-Morocco), led by the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development with the objective of institutionalizing and sustaining the development of the national GHG emissions inventory by involving all the ministerial departments representing the GHG emitting sectors in Morocco;

  • Development of a information system within the FIRM project “Facilitating Preparation and Implementation for Mitigation”, with a view to creating a pilot MRV system (Measurement, Reporting and Verification system) dedicated to the energy sector. This system will consist of three modules: NAMA Solar Roofs, renewable energy, sustainable development energy indicators, GHG emissions inventory;
  1. Impact studies and socio-economic analysis:
  • Carrying out a study on the macroeconomic impacts of the energy transition in Morocco through building a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model focusing on the energy sector: project launched with the support of the DKTI Project (1+2) of the German agency for international cooperation (GIZ): study underway;

Future actions

  1. Prospective:
  • Updating and calculating other scenarios of studies in the energy and mining sector.
  1. Observation and Statistics:
  • Establishing an adequate legislative and regulatory framework for energy data collection;
  • Finalizing and operationalizing the information system for the energy statistics collection and processing;
  • Improving the quality of energy and mining statistics publications;
  • Strengthening the system for collection and dissemination of energy and mining statistics;
  • Consolidating the national statistical system with updated data on sectoral energy consumption;
  • Declining the collection and dissemination of statistical data at regional level;
  1. Impact studies and socio-economic analysis:
  • Conducting studies of the induced macroeconomic impacts of measures taken in the energy and mining sector based on general equilibrium modeling.
  1. Strategic vigil:
  • Strengthening of strategic vigil in the energy and mining sector.