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On Monday 21 September 2020, Mr. Mohammed Ghazali, Secretary-General of the Department of Energy and Mines co-chaired with Mr. Dave Turk, Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, the virtual regional symposium on clean energy transition in North Africa.

The event, organized by the International Energy Agency with the support of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment, was attended by Mr. Kitty van der Heiden, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, representatives from most North African countries, regional and international organizations, the private sector, development banks, and multiple multilateral and regional financial institutions, as well as other stakeholders.

The symposium was devoted to discussing the main findings of the new International Energy Agency report on clean energy transitions in North Africa, launched at the event, and to exchange views on the opportunities and challenges facing the acceleration of clean energy transition in the region.

The objectives of the symposium also include building political will for clean energy transition and strengthening regional dialogue among energy leaders in the region, thereby helping to guide national decision-makers to implement policies with a high impact on attracting clean energy investments and achieving sustainable development goals.

The event also provided an opportunity to raise the challenges of Covid-19 and its economic implications for the energy sector in North Africa, and to discuss ways to accelerate clean energy transitions in the region to provide opportunities for a strong and sustainable recovery in terms of economic growth, job creation, sustainable energy production, and energy security.

During this symposium, and in view of Morocco’s pioneering role in the field of the energy transition at the regional and international levels, Mr. Mohamed Ghazali presented the Moroccan energy model based on renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as the innovative financing plan adopted by Morocco to implement projects ensuring a sustainable energy transition.