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Morocco wins the bet

The Kingdom continues to develop its structuring renewable energy projects. Morocco is about to produce the cheapest kWh in the world from wind power.

Morocco is refining its energy model to better handle the energy transition thanks to the contribution of renewable energy, The Economist points out in today’s paper. It should be stressed that the challenge is to be able to meet the 5% annual growth in demand expected over the next few years and to reduce energy dependence (93%) towards the outside world.

The paper notes that despite the dominance of fossil fuels, the Moroccan model is based on a rise in the power of renewable energy, adding that currently, the cost of producing kWh from renewable energy is becoming the most competitive worldwide. It should be noted that Morocco is preparing to produce the cheapest kWh in the world from wind power thanks to the projects included in the 850 MW program in the launch phase.

Several projects are underway to speed up the process and reach the 2030 targets to produce 52% of electricity from renewable energies. The newspaper indicates that these projects are attracting the interest of national and international investors. As for ONEE, it will have to focus on the stability of the electricity system and the management of the national grid, while continuing to increase additional capacity of non-renewable sources.